SV Part 2: Daylight Savings (Film Soundtrack)

by Goh Nakamura

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Goh Nakamura San Francisco, California

Goh Nakamura is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actor. His music has been featured in films directed by Ridley Scott such as A Good Year, American Gangster and Body of Lies. Nakamura made his acting debut in Dave Boyle's award-winning film, Surrogate Valentine, where he played a fictionalized version of himself. ... more

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Track Name: Merry X-Mas
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
had a very shiny nose
and if you ever saw it
you would have to pause
and stare at it in awe and say
“yeah, it glows…”

All of the other reindeer
used to laugh and call him names
they said
You can’t play no reindeer games”

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say,
“Man, this weather blows and yeah, it’s getting cold,
and there is gonna be some flight delays…
Unless, Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?”

“Rudolph, Rudolph
Won’t you light the way here?”

Then all the Reindeer loved him,
and they issued out a plea.
they said “man we’re really sorry,
for our stupid follies, won’t you accept our apology?”

“Rudolph, you saved Christmas time… you can play games with us anytime….”

Rudolph, Red nosed Savior…

Rudolph, Led your fellow Reindeer…
Rudolph, Legendary Reindeer…
Rudolph, Led you fellow Reindeer…

GN- vocals, guitars
Kyle Forester - bass, keys, horns, backing vocals
Tim Bulkley - Drums, Sleigh Bells
Gary Olson - engineer, coffee, good vibes.